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"An excellent instructor who was easy to follow, clear, and good at answering questions! I had been floundering until this course offered by Pentaho; wow, what a relief and now I am on the road to productivity!" - Jack Griffin

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This course introduces the Pentaho Business Analytics suite of products to non-technical users who rely on business intelligence solutions to make informed business decisions.

This course also represents the starting point for those following the Business Analytics and Data Integration learning paths and is therefore a prerequisite for more advanced topics.

Pentaho Business Analytics is a powerful suite of business intelligence applications that enables users to intuitively access, explore and analyze all data without depending on IT. Pentaho provides:

  • Point and click access to any data
  • Quick data discovery and analysis
  • Rich and interactive dashboards
  • Mobile analytical reporting

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Id: BA1000
Level: Introductory
Audience: Business Analyst, Data Analyst, Pentaho Administrator, Software Architect, Administrator, Business User
Delivery Method: Instructor-led online, Private on-site
Duration: 1 Day(s)
Cost: $675.00 USD
Credits: 1
Category: Business Analytics


8 hours

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Course Benefits

  • Make quality, information-driven decisions that positively impact your company’s performance using accurate, up-to-the-minute reports and dashboards
  • Explore reports and dashboards developed by content creators
  • Create your own reports and dashboards that reflect the state of your business
  • Improve productivity by giving your Business Intelligence team the skills they need to succeed with Pentaho Business Analytics
  • Interactive, hands-on training materials significantly improve skill development and maximize retention
  • Skills Achieved

    At the completion of this course you should be able to:

  • Describe the key features of Interactive Reporting, Analyzer, Report Designer, and Dashboard Designer
  • Open and view an Interactive Report
  • Open and view a report created using Report Designer
  • Open and view a report created using Analyzer
  • Modify filters and drill to supporting detail in an Analyzer report
  • Add totals to an Analyzer report
  • View an Analyzer report in chart format
  • Export an Analyzer report as PDF, Excel, or CSV
  • Use lasso filtering and zooming to interact with a visual analysis
  • Open and view a dashboard in Dashboard Designer
  • Modify filters in and export report results from a dashboard
  • Select the data source and report template for a new Interactive Report
  • Add columns and report groups to an Interactive Report
  • Sort data, filter data, and add summary totals to an Interactive Report
  • Modify the header, footer, title, and format of numeric data in an Interactive Report
  • Select the data source for a new Analyzer report
  • Describe the types of fields available in Analyzer
  • Add columns and rows to an Analyzer report
  • Filter data and drill through to supporting data in an Analyzer report
  • Add subtotals, grand totals, and calculated fields to an Analyzer report
  • Apply conditional formatting and modify the format of numeric data in an Analyzer report
  • View an Analyzer report in chart and multi-chart format
  • Export an Analyzer report to PDF, Excel, or CSV
  • Create a new dashboard using Dashboard Designer
  • Select the template and theme for a new dashboard
  • Add a report, an analysis, and prompts to a dashboard
  • Interact with the solution repository
  • This is the first course in the Business User, Business Analyst, Data Analyst, Software Architect and Pentaho Administrator learning paths.

    Online courses require a broadband Internet connection, the use of a modern Web browser (such as Microsoft Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox), and the ability to connect to GoToTraining.

    For more information on GoToTraining requirements, see Online courses use Pentaho’s cloud-based exercise environment. Students are provided access to a virtual machine used to complete the exercises.

    For online courses, students are provided with a secured, electronic course manual. Printed manuals are not provided for online courses. When an electronic manual is provided, students are encouraged to print the exercise book before class begins, though this is not required.

    Students attending this course on-site should contact their Customer Success Manager for hardware and software requirements. You can also email us at for more information regarding on-site training requirements.

    Day 1

    Module 1: Getting Started with Pentaho Business Analytics

    Lesson 1: Introducing Pentaho Business Analytics
    Lesson 2: Navigating the User Console
    Lesson 3: Accessing Online Help and Documentation

    Module 2: Creating Reports with Interactive Reports

    Lesson 1: Creating an Interactive Report
    Exercise 2-1: Create an Interactive Report
    Challenge Exercise: Interactive Reporting Business Scenario

    Module 3: Creating Analysis Reports with Analyzer

    Lesson 1: Creating an Analysis
    Exercise 3-1: Create a New Analysis
    Challenge Exercise: Analyzer Business Scenario
    Lesson 2: Creating an Interactive Visualization
    Exercise 3-2: Create an Interactive Visualization

    Module 4: Creating Pentaho Dashboards

    Lesson 1: Creating a New Dashboard
    Exercise 4-1: Create a New Dashboard
    Lesson 2: Creating Content within a Dashboard
    Lesson 3: Creating a Dashboard with Content Linking

    Module 5: Creating Data Sources with Data Access Wizard

    Lesson 1: Creating a New Data Source
    Exercise 5-1: Create a Report Using the New Data Source

    Module 6: Scheduling Reports

    Lesson 1: Scheduling Reports