CDF Tutorial + CDE Tutorial + CDE Open Demos

CDF Tutorial + CDE Tutorial + CDE Open Demos

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The CDE Tutorial provides the essential knowledge for you to take full advantage of CDE and start building your own CTools Dashboards.

CDE is the Dashboard editor created and used everyday by the Webdetails team.

The content has been carefully selected by the CDE dev team itself, guiding you cleanly through the key aspects of CDE.

The Community Dashboard Framework (CDF) is a project that provides an easy to use and powerful dashboard framework on top of the Pentaho BI server.

As the main developers of this community project, we understand that sometimes is not easy to achieve exactly what we want. To allow users to get the full benefit of CDF we've prepared a set of documentation - a step by step tutorial from "how to start" to the hidden features of this framework.

Open Demos are a set of dashboards created by the Webdetails team using CDE Editor.

As the main developers of the CDE Editor, we understand that it's not easy to plunge into a completely new work logic. So we allow you to edit the dashboards and thus discover and learn the tricks and best practices that are behind each of these dashboards.


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